Wednesday, July 22, 2020

The Great New Mexican Pecos Flood and the Loss of History's Finest

The Great New Mexican Pecos Flood and the Loss of History's Finest

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Before I was out in New Mexico with Drew G.  some years ago, researching the places I wrote about in my Bandita and Billy the Kid series, I knew of the never-ending, major disagreement over the resting place of Billy the Kid (in Sumner [Brushy Bill rubbish not ncluded]), with more than a few believing Billy's bones were washed out and away throughout the desert in1904 during the Pecos flood.

This would have been amazing poetic justice; a fitting, ironic scenario, if you were to ask me.

So... this is an oft and old argument, but:

With the contention that the graves (bodies) in Ft. Sumner were washed away during the great  Pecos flood of 1904 being an unfortunate common belief, it was not, in fact. the graves that were washed away, but the wooden headstones. This is the reason we can't say, with a degree of certainty, where Billy"s body is located, though by the map I'm providing. It gives us a good idea.

So....  to be clear. Billy is still buried in Sumner, just not where his (and Bowdre and O'Folilard's) modern marker is.

Billy is most likely to the right of the entrance, according to Chas. W. Dudrow's map.

Sunday, April 26, 2020

Bandita Books and the Apparent Controversy They Create

Book I

Book II

Books 1 & 2 are available thru Amazon and Barnes & Noble , as well as accessible on ebook ( #kindle & #Nook ). You can also buy / order them at your corner bookstore  -- I'm sure they'll appreciate the support.

I'm gonna be forthright:  The editor at Sunstone Press did NOT do his job on Book I, and barely on Book II (lesson learned), and so there are some crazy grammatical errors - more than I'd like. So screw that lazy bastard!

But it's not always about the spelling,  though it helps! It's about the journey the words take you on, so be prepared for quite the ride!

Lucy's character arc spans beyond Book I, though she brings that hoity-toity, aristocratic attitude right down quick enough over the course of Book I thanks to Billy and the rough environment, so don't you worry!

Billy and Lucy's relationship is based on the tango, so keep that in mind.

And if you find Lucy too mean to Billy the Kid, the Outlaw, in Book II. then read Dr. Seuss. These books aren't for you. 

I had one person whine about that so drastucslly she (I know it was a "she"; only someone in love with Billy the Kid would overlook his jerkdom towards Lucy to bitch about that to the point of giving me on useless star. Nevermind the way the story was so well pit together re: facts, dialogue, subplots, and all-round other well oiled mechanics. "She could.only focuss on Billy's (well-deserved chastisement). What happened to "me too"? What a 🤡 

Billy the Kid is beloved, and no one "beloves" him more than me, but if you can't accept one's flaws, you don't really love them. 

And GOD HELP YOU if you point out his short-comings to one of his female groupies (and his bromancers). They will fly off the handle with such a scathing vengeance that even William H. Bonney would avoid that type of crazy!

Now, these books I've written have grit, violence, and profanity, so turn around if you offend easily, Tulip. Though I will admit  I only used any "undesirables" so much as was necessary

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Sunday, March 22, 2020

Snowbaby Katz Knows Nothing About Billy the Kid

I read a couple of her reviews.

Let me say that I don't,  at all, mind less-than reviews so long as they're honest.

Firstly, she bitches about misspellings made by editors, but can't figure out that Billy Bonney isn't spelled Billie. Billie is a female's name.

Secondly, she (he?) Can't figure out that they're are character arcs, and in the wild west, people need to toughen up, including women. She/he must have overlooked that part in Book I when Billy explains to Lucy that the kid gloves need to come off.

Snowbaby Katz also has a hard time figuring out who's mean to whom, as she accuses Lucy as being nasty to Billy in Book II. Well... what is she supposed to do? Take his shit? BIlly is the one being a douche, not Lucy.

Not to mention she's had to toughen up.  Billy flits from girl to girl, and I guess strong woman like Lucy isn't having any of it.

Lucy and BILLY are PALS, and pals give each other a hard time.

My God! Snowbaby McGee doesn't seem to comprehend feminism, and she thinks modern language is used in both books. The language used is period appropriate.

I guess we can't pick the people to review our books, though. Sometimes they're lacking in understanding in how stories unfold.

Somebody buy this reader a clue. Or at least a vowel.

I'm not even sure she read the same book I wrote.

Monday, February 24, 2020

Titillating Excerpt from Bandita Bonita & Billy the Kid, the Scourge of New Mexico, Book II: *Language* ahead. Avail. @amazon @Barnesandnoble in print and #Kindle Books I&II: Book II; You haven't read a western written so contemporary & full of humor

Sunday, February 2, 2020

Anna Karenina Short and Sweet

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Anna Karenina [Leo Tolstoy]  was first #published serially(1875-77) in a Russian #journal before being published in #book format in 1878.

The first sentence of A.K. is: “All happy #families resemble each other; each unhappy #family is unhappy in its own way". This sentence is often quoted, but just as often, misunderstood. It means that each unhappy family is missing one or more of the elements that make a truly happy family, i.e., love, good health, family...

Anna Karenina is unhappy in her marriage to Count Alexei Karenin, as he does not / can not satisfy her emotionally, driving the once #virtuous matriarch into the arms of Count Aleksey Vronsky, where Anna finally finds emotional comfort and solace.

Ultimately, however, this consolation is short-lived, as Anna's passions are far too profound and great even for Vronsky, who is frivolous with his care, despite truly loving Anna.

Both characters are doomed, as they must pay for their sins against morality. Vronsky charges into a suicide mission by book's end upon learning of Anna's death.

Anna kills herself upon the understanding that she will always feel trapped and unhappy, unable to live the unbridled life she wants due to the society of her time. Divorcing Count Karenin seems a viable solution, releasing her to the passionate embrace of her lover, Count Vronsky, but this happiness is marred by the fact that Anna's contemporary society has cast her out due to her impetuous behavior. She will never be allowed true happiness.

Adding to Anna's doom was Tolstoy's own administered punishment of his female protagonist for the sin of abandoning her son.

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